Tuesday, August 30, 2011

FOR SALE: Ducks "Wild Wing" Jersey and Tampa Bay Lightning "Storm" Jersey !!!

FOR SALE: Ducks "Wild Wing" Jersey and Tampa Bay Lightning "Storm" Jersey !!!

     As I have stated in several previous posts, I have been in search of a 1995-96 Los Angeles Kings 3rd / Alt “Burger King” jersey. To this point, I have had no success in locating that particular jersey. However, I have had fantastic luck in locating some other highly sought-after prizes. Recently, I have had the good fortune to purchase another 1995-96 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, 3rd / Alt “Wild Wing” jersey (#9 Paul Kariya, with Alt Captain’s “A”), as well as another 1998-99 Tampa Bay Lightning, 3rd / Alt “Storm” jersey (#16 Darcy Tucker, with Alt Captain’s “A” and 1999 NHL All Star patch.
     As a collector of 20+ years, I know first hand that there are MANY other people seeking to add these jerseys to their own collections. For that reason, rather than hoarding them with the hundreds of other jerseys (sweaters for my Canadian friends) already in my personal collection, I will be listing them in my Web Store http://webstore.com/~goongear within the next 10 to 14 days. I am currently still in the middle of a partial home remodel, and as such have more pressing issues than to immediately post the aforementioned treasures. I just wanted to give my readers and customers a heads-up so everyone has a chance at these gems.

     Now, as I am STILL in search of a “Burger King” jersey, I might be interested in discussing a trade or partial trade for one. If anyone has a “Burger King” jersey and would be interested in trading for a “Wild Wing” or “Storm” jersey, please go to my Web Store http://webstore.com/~goongear and click on any one of the jerseys I have for sale and use the “Ask a Question” feature to contact me. I always respond to all customer e-mails in a timely manner. I would also suggest that you use the link here on my blog (right margin) to follow me (Goon24) on Twitter, as all new jersey postings in my store are immediately sent out over Twitter as soon as they are listed! Remember, the early bird gets the worm…

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  1. I will trade you my Teemu Selanne replica Wild Wing Jersey and my Burger King jersey for the Teemu Selanne authentic.

    1. In the upper right corner of this blog, you will see a link to my Web store. Please go to my store, find the Selanne jersey and post your question / offer there. We can communicate there.


  2. do you happen to have a Paul Kariya wild wing jersey or know of where i can find one for sale?

  3. There is a link in the upper-right corner of this blog. Simply click on it and it will take to the jerseys I currently have for sale.

  4. Do you still have the Lightning Stormy Night jersey??